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"I have G6PD deficiency, is it safe to take Nitro-tech supplement?"

ZocdocAnswersI have G6PD deficiency, is it safe to take Nitro-tech supplement?


first of all I'm suffering g6pd deficiency so is there any problem for me to take nitro tech supplement ? thanks in advance


It is important to discuss this further with either your primary care physician or hematologist. In general, I do not recommend taking any supplements without the recommendation of your physician. Many supplements are not tightly regulated by the FDA and can even contain known toxins. They have also been shown to often contain products other than those indicated on the label. Particularly for you, it is critical to know what supplements contain in order to prevent life-threatening hemolysis of your red blood cells. As such, it is not safe to take this product without consulting your physician. Nitro-tech is advertised as containing protein, creatine, carbohydrates, amino acids, and taurine, in addition to any compounds that may not be listed on the ingredient list. This supplement may cause problems for other medical conditions. From your question, I cannot determine if you are suffering any other medical complications, so I recommend your discuss this with your physician. For instance, taurine is a stimulant that can increase your heart beat. If you are suffering from a cardiac arrhythmia, this may increase your risk of triggering the arrhythmia, which could be life threatening. Therefore, please bring a full list of the Nitro Tech's ingredients to your physician in order to determine if it is safe.

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