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"Can I get pregnant in the future?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get pregnant in the future?


Urinary bladder: Echo free , no evidence of any calculus, SOL or diverticulum is seen. Uterus: Anteverted and measures 7.8 * 3.5 * 5.0 Cms; Endometrial and Myometrial echoes are well differentiated; no evidence of G.sac, SOL is seen ; no fluid in opch of doughlas. Ovary and Adnexa: Both ovaries appear slightly enlarged and show multiple tiny cystic follicles along the periphery Kindly tell me wat these exactly means and if i can get pregnant in future. i m married since 8 months and trying to get pregnant. I have seen gyn also and prescribed Ovacare forte A+B tab , Utronorm Forte and Ovral G (to start from 5th day of period for 21 days ). If this is enough for treatment or there ought to be some other treatment?


First of all, for most women, treatment or evaluation for infertility would not begin until at least 12 months of trying to conceive. Therefore, without more details on your age and medical background, it would be hard to say whether or not infertility is a real concern in your case. Please discuss your concern with your doctor. That being said, the ultrasound reading does seem fairly normal, although there are multiple cysts in the ovaries. The combination of this ultrasound finding together with the fact that your doctor has prescribed you Ovral G, which is an oral contraceptive pill, makes me think that your doctor is probably thinking you have polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a condition which can make it harder to get pregnant by making the ovulatory cycles irregular and difficult to predict. One of the treatments for polycystic ovarian syndrome is taking a contraceptive pill for a few cycles, as this can sometimes "reset" the ovulatory cycle and help with conception. Not knowing any thing else about your case, I would surmise that this is what your doctor is trying to do. However, I would definitely recommend that you discuss your questions directly with them, as they know your situation best and will be able to provide more definitive answers to your questions.

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