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"I recently discovered a cluster of bumps below my tonsils, what could be the cause of this?"

ZocdocAnswersI recently discovered a cluster of bumps below my tonsils, what could be the cause of this?


The bumps are below my tonsils and behind my molars. What could this be? I am 20 years old.


I am sorry to hear that you have bumps behind your molars and below your tonsils, and that you are worried as to what they might be. It will be difficult for me in this setting to give you an answer specific to your situation, with any accuracy, without being able to ask you more questions and examine you thoroughly. For that reason I am going to recommend that you make an appointment with an ENT or Ear Nose Throat physician (aka otolaryngologist) to get evaluated. They will be able to take a complete history, and examine you thoroughly. As I am sure you are aware, the 'tonsils' that most people refer to are actually called your pharyngeal tonsils. In fact there are many other tonsils. There are the lingual tonsils (on the back of your tongue), which are sometimes visible and might be what you are seeing. There are also the adenoids, which are like tonsils in the back of your nose. Lastly. there are numerous minor salivary glands throughout your pharynx, which have somme immune function, and can sometimes swell when there is an immune response to a pathogen (or any other inflammatory process such as autoimmune). An ENT will be able to examine you and give you their best thoughts as to what might be going on. I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best.

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