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"I'm removing half of l-4 disc serious with back surgery. Will I recover?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm removing half of l-4 disc serious with back surgery. Will I recover?


Will I make a 100% recovery


That is an excellent question. Back surgery can be very helpful for certain patients depending on their symptoms and the treatment plan offered. It is very important that you discuss your concerns with your surgeon who should be able to give you your chances for a full recovery. It is unclear from your question exactly the symptoms you had requiring surgery, but from your description of the surgery that you are having a microdiscectomy, or removal of some herniated disc material that is causing impingement of the thecal sac or nerve root. In terms of recovery, this procedure is generally very well tolerated and most people do well from the surgery itself and many obtain relief from their symptoms. Again, it is impossible to quote literature since your imaging and symptoms are not available. With regards to risks associated with this procedure, the main ones are bleeding, infection, spinal fluid leakage and nerve injury. This is generally considered a small procedure and so blood loss is usually not very high and infection rates are low. Spinal fluid leakage can become a problem if encountered and if not completely treated intraoperatively, may require further surgery or procedures to treat further spinal fluid leakage. It is impossible to say that you will have 100% recovery, but as mentioned above, you need to discuss this with your surgeon.

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