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"I found a small hard sharp piece of plastic in my vagina, could it have cut me inside?"

ZocdocAnswersI found a small hard sharp piece of plastic in my vagina, could it have cut me inside?


After waking up the morning from having sex i was having severe cramps in my stomach and bleeding pretty bad i thought i had just gotten my period but when i took a shower i found a small hard sharp piece of plastic in my vagina. Now im starting to think that the plastic cut my inside when i was having sex but i dont have a doctor or ob gyb


I strongly recommend that you go to see a doctor. I'm concerned as well as you about the possibility of internal trauma from this piece of plastic, which sounds like may have fragmented off a device you may have been using during sexual intercourse. The fact that you are described severe bleeding as well as abdominal pain is also concerning. The range of possibilities here includes a vaginal laceration (cut inside the vagina), which might require stitches if severe enough. Other possibilities would include a perforation of the vagina, which would be even more concerning because it could put you at very high risk for a serious infection. Finally, I think the possibility that you could still have several of these plastic fragments internally needs to be ruled out. If you do not have a regular doctor, your options would include making an appointment at an urgent care center or going directly to an emergency room. There, the doctors will be able to perform a complete examination, including looking inside the vagina for any evidence of trauma. Please don't delay seeking medical attention for these symptoms, which could be very serious and definitely require expedited medical evaluation and treatment.

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