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"My boyfriend has a rash and now I'm itchy, what could this be?"

ZocdocAnswersMy boyfriend has a rash and now I'm itchy, what could this be?


My boyfriend has had a rash around his bush for the past four weeks, and it eventually grew into lumps under his skin where the itchy rash was. Today, I noticed I was scratching a lot down there and looked and realized I had red dots that itched just like him. He has only had sex with me. I've had sex with more people, but he had it first so I'm not so concerned about it. Plus, I haven't had sex with anyone else in a year. What could this be...?


I would definitely recommend going to see your regular doctor about this issue. They will be able to examine you and help figure out what is going on. One possibility here is that this might be a case of pubic lice (commonly known as "crabs"). Pubic lice cause this kind of intense itching in the area of the pubic hair, and they can be passed from one individual to another, usually during sexual intercourse. Pubic lice can usually be easily diagnosed by your doctor by closely examining the affected area, and there are excellent medications which can be used to get rid of the infection. Other common causes of itching would including an allergic reaction to something, such as a soap or lotion that you might be using. Similarly, minor bacterial infections of the hair shafts, called folliculitis, or ingrown hairs are other common causes of red bumps and itching, especially in those who shave the pubic hair. Most of these conditions are treated simply with good skin care and, occasionally, topical medications to relieve itching, inflammation, or infection. A sexually transmitted infection is less likely to cause these kinds of symptoms, but when you go to see your doctor I am certain they will ask questions to make sure this is not what is going on.

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