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"I found another lump in my inner thigh. What kind of doctor should I see?"

ZocdocAnswersI found another lump in my inner thigh. What kind of doctor should I see?


I'm a 61 year old male.have had several quartered sized cysts in several parts of my body for many years. Today I discovered another in my mid inner thigh. I take zynthroid had my thioridazine removed in 1997. What specialist ( doctor) do i need to see?


I would recommend seeing your primary care physician for your initial consultation. Masses located within the soft tissues of the extremities can have multiple causes, some more serious than others, and your primary care doctor will be helpful in providing you with the appropriate information necessary to potentially seek out a specialist. When considering small masses superficially located, several features guide what may be the potential diagnoses. The appearance of the overlying skin is helpful. If the skin appears normal, then the mass is likely located in the dermis or lower. Possible explanations include sub-dermal nevus, lipoma (benign growth of fat cells in the subcutaneous layer), and cyst. There are multiple cyst types, one of the more common being sebaceous. If the overlying skin is discolored, then involvement of the epidermis, or top skin layer, is considered. In this case, we would also consider abnormal skin growths and skin cancers including basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma. Finally, if there is overlying redness, increased swelling or tenderness to the area, that may suggest an infection or abscess. Abscesses require drainage by a healthcare professional in order to definitely treat the infectious process. If the mass has grown quickly recently, become more firm or adherent to the surrounding tissue, there is increased suspicion for malignancy. Please see your primary care doctor who can evaluate the lesion by these different features and provide you with a professional assessment of what he or she thinks is the possible explanation. Based on this assessment, it will determine what type of specialist can best help you, e.g. dermatologist, general surgeon.

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