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"I'm 22 years old and had a baby 2 years ago. Am I done growing?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm 22 years old and had a baby 2 years ago. Am I done growing?


I want to know if im done growing now


You have probably been done growing for some time now, but the best thing to do is to discuss this with your primary care doctor. Generally, we stop growing several years after we hit puberty. For many women, that means that growth occurs quickly between ages 11 and 16 and slows after that. You probably stopped growing around 16 or perhaps shortly after. The only exception to this rule is if you had delayed puberty due to a low total fat store as this could result in delayed growth. Boys on the other hand tend to start their growth spurt a bit later and end it later. Some boys continue to through age 20, but even this is fairly unusual. Chances are, you have stopped growing. The one way to check would be to ask your primary care physician to order a set of plain x-rays of your wrists to see if your growth plates have fused. Your doctor might not due this as this is not a great indication to order x-rays. If however you suffer from a condition that results in short stature and your doctor wants to assess whether or not you would respond to growth hormone, then checking to see if your growth plates are fused is reasonable. The fact that you had a baby does not affect whether you continue to grow or not. Please speak to your doctor.

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