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"Can oral herpes transfer to genital herpes through unprotected sex?"

ZocdocAnswersCan oral herpes transfer to genital herpes through unprotected sex?


My girlfriend had oral herpes and we had sex without a condom... I'm really worried, am I gonna get genital herpes?


That is an excellent question, and one that is best discussed with you primary care doctor as he or she would likely also want to talk to you about some of the other issues you discussed. In general, there are two major types of herpes, type 1 which affects the oral areas, and type 2 herpes which is more likely to cause genital herpes. Although it can be possible that type 2 can affect your oral areas and type 1 can affect the genitals, it is not common and usually is less severe. Nevertheless, as mentioned previously, it is important that you discuss your sexual practices with your primary care doctor as he or she will discuss various birth control methods and also the importance of practicing safe sex as you can develop unwanted pregnancies and also other sexually transmitted diseases. The signs of genital herpes include specific types of lesions on your genitals which can be painful and hurt. There are tests for this, and medications to keep this condition contained if you do develop genital herpes, but again, it is important that a primary care doctor evaluate you for this.

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