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"Is this normal after Mirena removal?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this normal after Mirena removal?


I have my period july 22-26th. Got iud removed aug 6 and had sex aug 7 but he pulled out. Than had bleeding from aug 8-11. Than brownish discharge a few times on aug 16 & 17. It is now sept 1st and I am not sure when to expect my period. I took 2 different home pregnancy test both came out negative. Is this normal are removal


Thanks for your question. First, it is important to take steps to prevent pregnancy (and also the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, of course) now that your implant has been removed. IUDs are very successful at preventing pregnancy -- the pull out method is not. In fact, over the course of a year using that method, a very high number of women will become pregnant. It's good to take that fact into consideration. Now, with regards to your question about your abnormal menstruation or vaginal bleeding since removal of the implant, it is good to know that it does take some time for your body to normalize. For a significant period of time your body was receiving extra hormones that significantly affected the normal menstrual cycle. Now that that has been removed, your body has to take some time to come back to what it used to do. This may take a month or two. Your doctor will be able to work with you and make sure that there is nothing more concerning as well, as there are definitely other things that can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. Please make sure to discuss these questions and your concerns with your doctor.

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