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"What is a normal cortisol level?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is a normal cortisol level?


ACTH-8.9 mcg ACTH STIMULATION- 8 am fasting 18.7 mcg 30 min -29 60min-29.6


It is not possible to know exactly what these values mean for you without knowing more about your history, which is why you should discuss this with her endocrinologist. With that said, these values do appear quite normal. Your morning cortisol level is quite normal. This is usually the time of day when cortisol levels are the highest. A value of 18 is not really terribly high nor terribly low. Your ACTH (adreno-cortical trophic hormone) stimulation test shows us that your adrenal glands are functioning normally and respond appropriately to a dose of ACTH by releasing more cortisol. If you were getting this test done to work up symptoms of fatigue then I would probably suggest that your physicians look elsewhere rather than an adrenal gland dysfunction problem. If there is concern that you have to much cortisol (which is not suggestive from your testing you have supplied) then you might need to undergo a dexamethasone suppression test. This is done to look for causes of too much cortisol. To further discuss this issue, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with her endocrinologist. This is the type of physician that is an expert on complex endocrine system issues. If it is fatigue that is being worked up, then you might next have your thyroid function tested.

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