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"I have tingling, aches and sharp pain in my biceps and armpit, what's happening to me?"

ZocdocAnswersI have tingling, aches and sharp pain in my biceps and armpit, what's happening to me?


Tingling, Aches and sharp pain all over my biceps and tingly pain/ sharp pain in my armpit. Feels good to apply pressure stretch and massage. Fells like a tight tendon/nerve. Mostly one arm at a time. Seldom both arms. Speed bag and sparring irritate it the most. Goes away almost completely when I don't exercise for extended period of weeks. Been to several doctors physical therapy for 6 months, no result. Neurologist 1 month no result or any information. Chiropractor 2 months no result. Been happening over a series of 4 years. When in pain it hurts to the touch. When training on speed bag it hurts immediately and gets weak after a round to where I can barely hold up my arm. I've been denied an MRI every time a doc requests one. Flexible needle, muscle shock and massage do not help. A lot of muscle spasms in arms. No pain in neck or back.


Sharp pain and tingling can have multiple causes, some benign and others more serious. In order to undergo the appropriate testing to reach a diagnosis and seek treatment, I recommend that you see your doctor or healthcare professional for further evaluation. Tingling sensation is often related to the nerves, and can either be local or more central in etiology. For example, individuals with back problems, such as herniated disks or stenosis of the vertebrae, may have compression of the peripheral nerve outlets that can lead to tingling, sharp pains, and numbness to specific nerve distributions called dermatomes. If you have a history of back injury or pain, this may be important to discuss further with your doctor. If you find that the pain is related to positioning, this may also suggest a vertebral process. However, tingling and sharp pains can also be due to local irritation of nerves and muscles, and given that resting your arms alleviates your symptoms, this may be relevant. Certain tests to look for local nerve damage, such as demyelination, can be performed by your doctor. Additionally, mechanical trauma to the extremities can induce local bruising and inflammation that may lead to soreness and sensory changes. In addition to seeing your doctor, I would recommend avoidance of activities that illicit this pain.

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