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"Do testosterone shots improve your sex drive and sex desire?"

ZocdocAnswersDo testosterone shots improve your sex drive and sex desire?


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I recommend you discuss this further with your primary care physician. There are many reasons for a decreased libido. Many medications, such as beta blockers, can cause reduced libido. Other conditions, such as depression, peripheral arterial disease, and testicular abnormalities can cause decreased libido or sexual dysfunction. In addition, hormonal imbalances unrelated to testosterone can affect your libido. Without knowing more about your medical history, it is impossible to know if testosterone supplementation could be beneficial for you. In general, testosterone supplementation is a controversial topic. Even under the guidance of a physician, testosterone levels can vary widely and vary based on the performing laboratory. Data are also equivocal as to whether attempting to increase a low testosterone level is beneficial. From your question, I cannot determine if you have even had your testosterone level measured, and there is certainly no high quality data to suggest routine testosterone supplements are beneficial. Testosterone supplements are also associated with multiple side effects, including some related to your endocrine system such as hair loss, gynecomastia, testicular shrinkage, and acne. Additionally, there is concern that testosterone supplementation can increase your risk of prostate cancer. Given the potential dangers of supplementation, I strongly recommend you discuss this further with your primary care physician.

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