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"What are some hypothenar exercises?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are some hypothenar exercises?


I need hypothenar muscles exercises..


That is a great question and one that your primary care doctor or another doctor specializing in hand intrinsic muscles would be best able to answer (this would most likely be an orthopedic surgeon). It is difficult to assess from the question you have posed what the condition is that you are concerned about that you are requiring to perform hypothenar (little finger) exercises but one option could be that you have some muscle weakness or atrophy in that finger. If that is indeed the case, aside from the question of what exercises are available, another big question that may come to mind is what is the cause of your weakness in that area of your hand? There are several possibilities including weakness or entrapment of the nerve that innervates your little finger and this may show itself with weakness in the ring and little finger or numbness in the hand along that same area. There are surgeries available that can release whatever is causing the entrapment of the nerve and improve the strength and numbness in your hand and by itself, that may be enough to improve your muscles in that hand. Otherwise, there are several hand strengthening exercises that your doctor can show you to help, but for this reason it is important that you are seen by a doctor about this.

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