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"I have two knots on my head that have grown together, and still growing. What should I do?"


Ive had one moble knot all my life. Recently one came up beside it and has continued to grow until it connected. Its still growing and now a finger a way. Is another. At times it swells with fever. I'm starting to have head achs alit also.


Please speak with your doctor about these symptoms. Any mass in your body that is growing is not something that should be ignored, as it can be a very concerning symptom. The most obvious and most concerning explanation for what you are describing is that it could be a cancer.

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This is because cancers will often either grow in the area in which they start or they will spread to nearby lymph nodes and then cause those nodes to swell in reaction to the tumor as the body tries to prevent the spread of the cancer. Swollen lymph nodes or any other slowly growing body part can be a serious and concerning sign, and so this should be discussed with your doctor soon. Skin cancer is especially common on the head, and if you have a history of steroid use or sun exposure these could be worrisome. There are obviously many other things that can also cause swelling in the head that could then progress and merge with other areas of swelling. Infection can often cause swelling in lymph nodes as well, as the body attempts to limit the spread of the infection and treat the underlying problem. Again, please speak with your doctor about this question.

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