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"Dent inside nose on cartilage, will it heal or do I need medical aid?"


I recently got hit in the face during a sparring session. There is a dent on the cartilage in side the nostril on the right side as well as a slight shift towards the right at the tip. The incident has been a week. There is slight discomfort but doesn't cause pain to pinch or bend my nose. Will it self heal or should I seek medical aid?


Sorry to hear about your injury. It is difficult to say what has happened to you in this situation without being able to ask more questions and look into your nose. For that reason, I am only able to speak about generalities and I recommend that you discuss your concern with your doctor.

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Nose injuries can be short term things that can resolve on their own in many cases. In other cases, you can have a fracture of the nasal bone that will not heal itself and requires surgical correction. If these are addressed within a short time frame, some surgeons will feel that these can be fixed without being put to sleep, but that will depend on a number of factors including the comfort that your surgeon has with the procedure in the office and you as a patient. In between these are injuries to the septal cartilage, which can be either displaced or can even get a swelling underneath called a septal hematoma which can be quite serious. In other cases, the septal cartilage will shift over time and thicken in response to trauma, which can ultimately lead to some nasal obstruction. Without more information, it is hard to say what is causing your problem. Please speak with your doctor.

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