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"Swelling came back three weeks after wisdom teeth removal and jaw popped, what could be the cause?"

ZocdocAnswersSwelling came back three weeks after wisdom teeth removal and jaw popped, what could be the cause?


I had my wisdom teeth removed about four weeks ago, I swelled up a lot but it went down in about four days, and everything seemed to heal properly. I've always had a problem where my Jaw makes a pop noise when I open it and they though it would make that sound because my wisdom teeth were impacted, last night I yawned and my jaw made a pretty big pop sound it hurt mildly and my jaw felt a little sore after, this morning I woke up and one side of my face was swollen again. I was wondering if this is anything serious, I do not think I have an infection because I think it was due to my jaw popping and maybe it irritated the site where I had them removed and my jaw causing it to swell? Also I'm not sure if I should go to the dentist or let it go down naturally. Thanks!


Thank you for your question, and sorry to hear about your symptoms. Having to have your third molars removed is, in general, not a pleasant experience for most people, and it is quite unfortunate to still be having some swelling this far out from surgery. If you are concerned that you are having swelling in the area of the teeth that were extracted, you should speak with the dentist or oral surgeon who removed your wisdom teeth. He or she may need to examine you more closely, or may be able to answer your questions over the phone and be able to reassure you. From the symptoms you are describing, it is also important to point out that there are other things that can cause popping in the jaw. One of the most common complaints is temporo mandibular joint disorder syndrome, which can cause popping, clicking, headaches, and pain around the ears and in the jaw. It is quite common, and there are many things that can be done to help with the pain and symptoms, and you should discuss your symptoms fully with your healthcare provider to determine if there may be additional causes of your swelling and complaints. Again, please speak to your healthcare provider.

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