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"I'm pregnant with my first child and there's brownish clear liquid dripping. What should I do?"


8 pregnancy test all positive. Im nervous as this will be my first child. Need help quitting cigarettes. No insurance


Thank you for your question. The first thing is that you will need to speak with a doctor about this question. While many cities have free medical clinics that can be helpful, in this situation it is likely that the most appropriate thing for you to do is to go speak with a doctor in any way possible in a quick and timely fashion.

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In other words, you may need to go to the emergency department. If you have worked with an OB or primary care doctor in the past, you may be able to call him or her and explain things more clearly so that he or she can give you some answers and further direction, but you need to speak with a doctor about this so that you can make sure that you are healthy and well. While it is true that some women can have increased vaginal fluids during pregnancy, the fact that the fluid continues to drip is something that should be discussed with your doctor. While this could be a normal phenomenon, only your doctor, midwife, or other qualified healthcare provider will be able to say clearly. As you mentioned as well, quitting smoking will be very good for you and your baby. Please speak with your doctor.

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