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"Is there a safe way to grow the male penis?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a safe way to grow the male penis?


I just wanted to know a safe way on how to grow the male penis? Nothing is wrong with it and its normal size but I just wanted a professional opinion instead of this fake commercials.


If you are concerned about your penis, I recommend that you see a urologist or healthcare professional for formal evaluation. There is no validated way to increase the size of the male penis. The average male penis size varies by region of the globe. In the United States, the average male penis length erect is approximately 5-6 inches in length. Penis size has been shown to poorly correlated with body height and weight or body mass index. Although there are many advertisements for male enhancement, there is currently no medically approved medication to increase the size of the male penis, either flaccid or erect. Many of theses non-FDA approved treatments and supplements may provide either no benefit or even put patients at risk for side effects. There is some data to show that endocrine dysfunction during development may result in abnormal genitalia development, and specifically small penis size. There are devices that certain males may use, such as vacuum pumps, however, inappropriate use of these devices may lead to traumatic injury. If you intend to try certain devices or take supplements, it is very important that you discuss these options with you doctor first as you may be putting your body at risk.

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