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"Why is there pain in the knee when I play tennis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is there pain in the knee when I play tennis?


i have been getting pain in the knee for about two years now when im playing tennis but i do experience it when walking up stairs. It's not when i just bend the knee, that's fine. It's when i put weight on it while bending. How can i sort this out?


This is a great question. There are several possibilities for what can be causing this, but the best person to elucidate the causes of this based upon your history and physical examination would be your primary care doctor. Sometimes repeated trauma can cause very small stress fractures that can present similar to the way that you have described. Other potential possibilities include joint laxity (weakening of the joints that hold your knee in place) or tearing of the ligament which can lead to pain when in certain positions or when bearing weight. Other possibilities can be muscle sprains, as these help hold your knee in place and these can be damaged by exertion or repeated injuries. As we age, it is common to develop some arthritis in our joints and so this may just be related to the normal aging process. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to ascertain the cause of this until you have been properly evaluated by a medical professional who can then decide whether further testing is needed, such as x-rays or MRI, or other tests. They may also recommend physical therapy or exercises to strengthen the muscles holding your knee in place to decrease pain in your knee.

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