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"I'm having bad feet and leg pain about 2 months after giving birth. Is this normal?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm having bad feet and leg pain about 2 months after giving birth. Is this normal?


Right after birth my feet got swollen but a couple weeks later it went back to normal. Now i got feet nf leg pain and im now 4 month postparum.the pain come and goes and its very uncomfortable. is this normal ? What could it be.?


No, this is not normal to be experiencing after giving birth, and this is something that you should discuss with your doctor. This is likely to be something simple such as an electrolyte imbalance of something that can be corrected as you exercise more, but there is always the risk of other things that could be the cause of these symptoms. One of the more concerning of these would be a blood clot, which can happen to anyone but are more common for females, and especially females who smoke and are using oral contraceptive pills. These can sometimes cause the blood to clot in the lower extremities, which can then cause further problems. In the worst case situations, these clots can break free and spread to other parts of the body and be life threatening. This is especially common for them to break free and go to the lungs, where they can result in a pulmonary embolus. Other things can also cause cramping in the legs, including muscle problems and some illnesses. The timing with regards to pregnancy may or may not play a part of the answer to this question. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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