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"I have intense pain after urinating. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have intense pain after urinating. What could it be?


ive been fine most of the day and only just started with pain before and after urinating. The pain is in my pelvic area, cant put pressure on it or it hurts even more. My urine is cloudy with a couple of white specs floating in it. paracetamol isnt working for the pain. :( Eysa.


From the description of your symptoms, there are many possible medical problems that can cause them that I recommend visiting your doctor for a thorough evaluation. It is important to determine a cause, particularly if the problem is a persistent one. I can only speculate some conditions that can cause your symptoms. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common causes of cloudy urine. UTI is a bacterial infection that is anywhere along the urinary tract. When these germs enter the urethra and the bladder, it leads to the infection, most frequently in the bladder itself. If the cloudy urine comes from the infection, there will be usually other symptoms such as frequent or painful urination and abdominal discomfort or pain. A bladder infection is usually not serious if it is treated promptly. If not, it can spread to the kidneys and cause permanent damage. Kidney infections known as pylonephritis can cause cloudiness of urine as well. Pylonephritis will almost always be associated with flank pain, pain on urinating as well as general symptoms of infection. Among the more concerning causes of cloudy urine is the presence of excess protein in the urine from a kidney disease, and this must be investigated by your doctor. A sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea is also known to cause cloudy urine. A bladder infection (cystitis), vaginal or cervical infection can cause the urine to look cloudy as well due to white blood cells that leak into the urine. Please consult your doctor.

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