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"Do I need to go for another test?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need to go for another test?


My question is. . hiv rna pcr test at 65th day after contact is conclusive or not pcr test is negative on 65th day.then I need to go for another test or not..plz help me


Please discuss this question in greater detail with your primary care doctor or infectious disease doctor. There are several tests that are used together to diagnose an infection with the HIV virus. The most common screening test that is used is something called the "ELISA" test. If an ELISA test is positive, it is necessary to confirm the infection with a second test, which is called a "Western blot." These two tests work on the principle of detecting antibodies to the HIV virus that your own body produces. Although together these two tests work very well and usually can definitively confirm or rule out the diagnosis of HIV, they do not perform well immediately after a person becomes infected with HIV, because this is a "window" period during which antibodies to the HIV virus are still not circulating in the blood stream. The HIV RNA PCR test is rarely used to diagnose an HIV infection, as it is not as sensitive as the combined ELISA/Western blot sequence. It is only used to diagnose the infection during the "window" period when there is high concern that an individual is infected but when antibodies are still not detected. The window period is typically 3-6 weeks, so it would be unusual to be be using the PCR test at 65 days out. Again, I suggest discussing this issue in greater detail with your primary care doctor or infectious disease doctor. They will be able to explain why they are choosing to use this test.

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