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"Do tight throat and swollen gland on throat be related to impacted wisdom teeth?"

ZocdocAnswersDo tight throat and swollen gland on throat be related to impacted wisdom teeth?


Long story short been having symptoms like tightness feeling in throat after I choked on food. Got a scope done said there was a little irritation. Felt fine after that then it came back. Now have swollen lynpnod on throat so went back to the doctors said I had some drainage and tonsils looked red so gave me Antiboctics didn't do anything then went to er they seem to think its gerd. So I'm on stomach acid meds. Been taking them still no effect. But my front top teeth hurt into the gums the other day. And I'm 20 years old and a male. And my left ear hasn't been hurting but felt like needed to pop. Could this be wisdom teeth related? Haven't had a lot of pain in that area but mild pain not often though. But my right third moler is angled forward like its impacting my second moler. Same side as my swollen glade on throat?


Sorry to hear that you are dealing with a bunch of throat problems, and that you have had to go to numerous physicians, and to the emergency department to try and get it fixed. I can't tell from the information that you have provided thus far, but it doesn't seem that you have seen an ENT yet. I am going to recommend that you go to an ENT, or Ear Nose Throat physician (aka otolaryngologist) for an evaluation. It sounds like you may be suffering from globus, which is a term for the sensation that you have something stuck in your throat, even when there might not actually be anything there. An ENT will be able to perform a flexible laryngoscopy to look at your voice box and throat and determine if there is actually anything going on. It is possible that your symptoms could be caused by GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), and in that case I would typically treat someone with anti reflux medications for at least 2 months before determining if the treatment would resolve their symptoms or not. The ear symptoms you are experiencing could easily be eustachian tube dysfunction (the tube that brings air form the back of your nose to your middle ear isn't working properly), but you would need a scope exam to confirm that something else isn't going on. I wish you the best and hope that you get the answers you need after seeing an ENT.

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