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"If I have "full coverage medical" would I be able to get teeth crowns?"

ZocdocAnswersIf I have "full coverage medical" would I be able to get teeth crowns?


My teeth are in bad condition due to a root canal my dentist once did when I was 12, I'm now 18 and he never got to fix my root canal leaving it with temporary fillings because the medical denied the approval. So my teeth are pretty bad and I was too young to ever realize what to do with my teeth, I really want to know if I can get them fixed with the medical I have now?


Thanks for your question. While each insurance is different, there is a marked difference between medical and dental coverage. Unfortunately, some patients will have problems that they cannot afford to treat with the help of a dentist and so they go on to become so bad that they require more aggressive medical attention and sometimes even surgery. This is a reality that many patients will run up against over time, and it is important to realize that spending some money up front to treat a problem may save you quite a bit of time and trouble in the future. As for whether or not your specific problem would be covered under your insurance, there are a couple of ways that you could go about getting an answer. One of the easiest would be to call your insurance provider and ask them what is covered and to what degree. Another option would be to speak with your dentist and ask his or her office to provide an estimate of what your total out of pocket would be. This may be a more accurate approach in many cases. Please speak with your dentist or medical provider about this question.

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