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"Can any virus go into our body through the ears?"

ZocdocAnswersCan any virus go into our body through the ears?


Can any virus go into our body through the ears?And how is it working?


Thank you for this interesting question and I recommend discussing it further with your doctor. The skin forms a very difficult barrier for most viruses that are trying to enter into our bodies on such a regular basis. For that reason, most of the illnesses that we encounter in our daily life are spread via contact with mucosal surfaces, such as the mouth or genitalia, where the mucosal barrier is not as impenetrable as the normal squamous cells that make up most of our skin. This explains the reason that viruses passing through the ears into the rest of the body is relatively uncommon in a normal, healthy, ear. You see, the skin of the body wraps around and covers the ear canal as well. This includes the actual ear drum itself, which is composed of 3 layers of cells, the outermost layer being continuous with the skin. Bacteria and viruses thus both have a difficult time directly entering the body as long as this remains intact. When the skin has been violated, however, viruses are able to pass much more effectively. Obviously, there are some states that would make the ear more likely to be affected or infected by a virus, and so again, please discuss this question more with your doctor.

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