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"What kind of doctor should I see? Who specializes in mouth/lip?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of doctor should I see? Who specializes in mouth/lip?


I want to see a specialist to treat my condition... My lips are swollen red with a red ring around. It was terribly painful. At first it was only itchiness, then I kept licking the area trying to moisten it. However its gotten worse till I know I had to get a doctor for it. I applied lip balm, ate medication prescribed from a general doctor but the condition is not improving. Its not so painful anymore but the redness is still persisting... I cant go out like that, maybe I need another doctor, someone who specialises in mouth/ lip? What do you suggest?


Sorry to hear about your condition. In addition to being uncomfortable, it sounds like it is affecting your self image and self confidence, making it even more important that you get the treatment that you need to help you feel better. In general, problems of the mouth and lips are referred to an ear nose and throat surgeon (aka ENT aka otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon). That is because of their extensive training focused on disorders of the head and neck. He or she would be able to ask you questions about your past medical history, what you have tried so far, and that make further suggestions to help you feel better fast if there are such options available. Another idea, based off of what you have described, would be to visit with a dermatologist, as they do have extensive training in matters related to the skin. It is most likely that either would be a successful visit, and would be able to help you. Additionally, some time may be needed before you feel that you have fully recovered. Please speak with your doctor to determine if a referral for you would be appropriate.

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