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"When would be my estimated due date?"

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hello, i have my implanon removed on the 12th may and iv had no bleeding at all and have done a pregnancy test (clear blue) with says im 2-3 weeks but on the box it says the doctor will say 4-5 weeks.. what im wondering is when do you date the pregnancy from and when would be my estimated due date?


First of all, congratulations on being pregnant! I recommend that you call your OB GYN doctor to discuss your concern. The most time honored way of estimating a pregnancy due date is by counting forward form the last menstrual period. Unfortunately, however, there are many instances in which this method can not be used. For example, in your case, since you never experienced a menstrual period after removing the implanon device, this method will not work. The Clear Blue pregnancy test that you used is a new device on the market that gives an estimate of how far along your pregnancy is. Since the test estimates from the time of ovulation (and doctors estimate from the time of menstruation), the Clear Blue test is typically a couple of weeks earlier than the "official" doctor estimate. This information is still helpful, however, because it can help you figure out when to set up your ultrasound test for formal dating of the pregnancy, which would typically be around 10 weeks or so of pregnancy (that would be about 8 "Clear Blue" weeks). I recommend that you call your OB GYN doctor and let them know the results of the Clear Blue test. They will be able to use these results to help you figure out when to schedule your first visit.

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