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"What medicine for headache can I take if I have high liver enzymes (180)?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat medicine for headache can I take if I have high liver enzymes (180)?


I am 50 years and suffering headache since teenage time due to nasal problems and recently 5th disk issue in my neck, I used to take Brufen and voltaren for it but 3 weeks a go i had a liver enzymes test and it was 180, my doctor stopped me of having the usual pain killers and focused only on treating the enzymes, now i am suffering the headache again and in a bad need for a pain killer, what do you recommend please?


It is important to continue to follow-up with your doctor about the elevation in your liver enzymes. There are several values that can measure liver function, therefore one number does not necessarily indicate the health of your liver. Elevation can be caused by various diseases of the liver, ranging from minor to major, by medications, commonly statins for cholesterol, and tylenol. Many pain medications are processed by the liver. Therefore, if your doctor feels your liver function is not normal, he may have recommended stopping the medicine you were taking, particularly if they included tylenol. If the headaches you are suffering are so painful that you are requiring pain killers, you need to be evaulated by your primary care doctor, who will possibly refer you to a neurologist, or head and brain specialist. A neurologist also specializes in the spinal cord, and can also evaluate the disk issue in your neck. Benign pain medications include NSAIDS and tylenol. However, there are many medical issues which would prohibit use of NSAIDS, like ibuprofen, in doses that you may require for your pain. You should see your doctor first to ask about the use of NSAIDS based on your medical history. Again, headaches can be caused by many reasons which can be serious such as brain tumor, in rare cases, and therefore you need to see your doctor. In addition, migraine headaches are common, and there are specific medications to treat migraine that work in a different mechanism than pain medication. Until you see your doctor, you may want to try warm compresses and cold compresses. You may find warm or cold beneficial depending on your underlying cause of the pain. You can also ask your doctor for a referral to physical therapy, which may be quite helpful for pain, especially originating from the neck. Try these rather harmless solutions while you arrange follow up with your primary physician.

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