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"Does having pain on the right side of chest and back be because of a pulled muscle?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes having pain on the right side of chest and back be because of a pulled muscle?


Started hurting at work from lifting and flipping a cooler. It hurts all the time and gets worse when putting pressure on it or lifting


You have right sided check and back pain after lifting a cooler. It worsens with use, so it is important that you make an appointment with a primary care doctor. It could be a musculoskeletal pain. Chest pans are always concerning for a heart attack. People with heart attacks usually have crushing or pressure like chest pains on the left chest that can radiate to the left arm or jaw. It can be associated with shortness of breath and nausea. Also, it should not be painful if you press on that region. You had a recent insult which is lifting a heavy object and then having a right sided chest and back pain which can likely be a musculoskeletal pain. The discomfort can be there at rest; however, it can be reproduced with movement or with gentle pressure at the site. Musculoskeletal pains can be treated with pain medications such as ibuprofen or tylenol. Rest is also important. Other conditions to rule out at conditions that involve the lung and the kidneys since they are located in that region as well. You should make an appointment with a primary care doctor to have your symptoms evaluated. Your doctor may give your more pain medications and he/she will determine if you need any further tests such as imaging.

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