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"Could you please give me more information on abdominal migraines in children?"

ZocdocAnswersCould you please give me more information on abdominal migraines in children?


I am seeking concrete information about abdominal migraines in children. My daughter has been diagnosed with abdominal migraines. I have three older daughters that suffered from similar symptoms and now suffer from migraine headaches, as do I. Is there any relationship? Is this a hereditary condition?


Thank you for this question. Abdominal migraines are only more recently becoming understood more fully. There is some thought that there may be a familial predisposition, and it appears that your family has a very strong tendency towards this sort of thing based on the information that you have provided. If your daughter is having symptoms that are concerning for abdominal migraine, speaking with your doctor about a referral to either a neurologist or a gastroenterologist (GI doctor) would be beneficial to make sure that she gets the treatment that she needs to be as healthy as she can be. Either would be able to answer your questions fully and make recommendations about further testing if it is needed. Each would have a unique perspective, and it can be valuable to have 2 opinions on this sort of question. Your primary care doctor will be able to direct you further and suggest appropriate specialists if he or she feels that this is necessary. Please speak with your doctor, and good luck!

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