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"I had a planters wart frozen today and now it hurts and there is a blister now. Is this normal?"

ZocdocAnswersI had a planters wart frozen today and now it hurts and there is a blister now. Is this normal?


Ir turned into a big blister and hurts rilly bad can hardly walk is this normal ? It has never botherd me before and its been there for a little more then a year.


Plantar warts are common and are caused by a virus. Almost everyone will have a wart somewhere at some point in their lives. It is very important that you call the doctor that froze your wart (usually a primary care doctor or podiatrist) to discuss your symptoms and make an appointment if he or she is worried about what you are describing. However, pain and blistering are an expected side effect of cryotherapy (medical term for freezing). A blister usually forms within a few hours after the treatment. If the blister breaks open clean the area well and wash your hands immediately as you do not want to transfer the virus. The blister will dry up over the next few days and the wart may fall off (although sometimes it requires multiple treatments before the wart is gone). Pain can last up to three days. Your doctor should have gone over post treatment instructions with you so if you can't remember or don't know if you were told, call your doctor. If the area seems more painful than it should be, you see pus, or you have fever you need to seek care immediately as you might have an infection.

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