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"I fainted on Monday and now have a tight pain/pinched nerve in my neck. Should I be concerned?"

ZocdocAnswersI fainted on Monday and now have a tight pain/pinched nerve in my neck. Should I be concerned?


I fainted Monday - something that doesn't happen to me (only once when I was 17 and I am now 25) I was profusely sweating afterwards. Tuesday I went and saw an internal wellness doctor who did an EKG and blood work to test for lymes disease and cell count I believe. everything checked out okay but I am still worried it could be something more serious. please help! should I get a cat scan?


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or neurologist who can work you up for these episodes of syncope or fainting. The first important thing to do is figure out what is the cause of your fainting as there are many reasons such as those related to your heart, seizure activity, changes in blood pressure, amongst a variety of other potential causes. The fact this has happened before and no one knows the cause of it is very concerning as this can be a potentially serious issue that has not been diagnosed or treatment plans initiated. That being said, the issue of the nerve pain in the neck is concerning because depending on what happened when you fainted, you may have injured your neck and caused some movement of the bones injury to the spinal canal or nerves exiting from it that is causing the symptoms you are facing. If this is the case, you may have spinal instability and it is best to be evaluated to make sure there is no continued instability in your neck that could lead to further injury to your spine or nerves in your neck. Please see a doctor as soon as possible to have this evaluated.

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