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"My husband's ears are swollen, and one of his eyes is red and watery, what could be the problem?"

ZocdocAnswersMy husband's ears are swollen, and one of his eyes is red and watery, what could be the problem?


He is 35, and.he.smokes


Sorry to hear about this problem. It sounds like you and he need to visit with a doctor to help determine what is causing this problem. The fact that both ears are swollen is an interesting finding, as most infectious problems would involve just one ear at a time. Things that can present with swelling in both ears are more generally problems that involve the entire body, such as autoimmune conditions or an allergy, although these (at least auto-immune disorders) are certainly quite rare in and of themselves. When you also mention that one of his eyes is red, it does make me more concerned that this is something that should be evaluated sooner rather than later. Infections that span from ear to ear and involve the eyes are something that should be treated quickly, but this would be an interesting presentation. If there has been a change in diet, soap, beddings, lotions, etc that you or your husband have been using, then this could indicate some sort of allergic response, which is perhaps the most common reason for some of the symptoms that you seem to be describing. Without more information, it is hard to know for sure, so please speak with your doctor.

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