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" What could be a small raised bump on the outer lip of vagina?"

ZocdocAnswers What could be a small raised bump on the outer lip of vagina?


It is not directly inside but on the skin between the vagina and outer lip. It doesn't have a whitehead or any type of pus just a red bump. Its been over a year since I've had sex.


Thanks for your question. It is common to have some bumps in the skin and hair follicles in the region near your genitals if you have had infections, trauma, or other reasons for a folliculitis. There are other things that can cause some of these changes as well, some of which can have to do with sexual activity. Often, the history of how and when the bumps appeared can provided invaluable information, as can actually completing a physical exam, which can help you to get the treatment that you need. Please speak with your doctor about your concern. A dermatologist should be well positioned to help you with this question, although your OB/GYN would also likely be able to help with this sort of problem.

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