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"What can I do about a toothache while pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about a toothache while pregnant?


I have a really bad toothach on my left side on top where i can feel a big whole in it... Its now making my whole side of my face hurt and my ear im starting to get headachs from it... I am 36 weeks pregnant and the dental said they can't really do anything untill after i have my baby can it do anything to the baby?


So sorry to hear about your difficult situation. First, there are many things that can be done to help with your pain. There are medications that can be taken and have a low risk of causing harm to your baby. One of the best places to get good advice about which medications are safe is from your OB, as he or she is most in tune with this. Next, there are things that your dentist may be able to do as well. Speaking with your OB about this is also a good idea, as he or she will be able to recommend specific medications that should be avoided while treating your tooth. One of the worst case scenarios would be for that tooth to go on and develop more serious problems that require aggressive intervention, such as when a tooth abscesses and causes a serious infection. While this is, fortunately, rare, it can be quite serious and require a trip to the operating room in the most severe cases. Some signs of these serious infections include swelling on one side of your face, an inability to open your mouth completely, and changes in the movement of your face on that side. Please speak with your doctor and dentist about this question.

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