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"Having abdominal pain, chest pain on both sides, stomach acidity, and nausea. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersHaving abdominal pain, chest pain on both sides, stomach acidity, and nausea. What could it be?


I had sex for the first time we used protection and nothing broke but the second day I felt cramps and pain and I didn't get my period late but during my period I felt nausea and now that my period was over I felt abdominal pain and heart burn and acids stomach


This is an interesting question that could have many different explanations, so it is important that you speak with your doctor. Despite the use of protection, there are always some risks associated with having sexual intercourse. These risks include infections, possible pregnancy, and multiple other concerns. Fortunately, most of these risks are significantly decreased with the use of barrier protection such as with a condom. Even with use of barrier protection, intercourse can traumatize the vagina and lead to some cramping. During the first episodes of sexual intercourse, the hymen can also be broken which can lead to some additional bleeding. The other symptoms that you describe such as heart burn, abdominal pain, stomach acid, and other concerns can have a multitude of other sources, but stress is a common cause, and your recent experiences may have made you feel more stressed. In this setting, it is important to have someone that you can speak with about your concerns and questions. While seeking medical help online can be valuable, having someone that you trust is even better. A parent, a physician, and others in positions of being able to provide council can all help you at this time. Please speak with your doctor more about these symptoms to make sure you are well.

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