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"I ate bad chicken sandwich meat, will I very likely get food poisoning or no?"

ZocdocAnswersI ate bad chicken sandwich meat, will I very likely get food poisoning or no?


The sandwich meat was a month old, (I Had no clue)


Thank you for your question, and I hope that you are well. By the time that you get this reply, you will likely know for yourself whether or not you are going to get ill. The risk of getting infected depends in large depart on many variables, mostly whether or not there is the bacteria or toxin in the dish that you are eating. Most commonly, these toxins and bacteria will proliferate when the conditions are ideal, such as when they are left outside in the warm summer air at a picnic, when they have not been washed or prepared appropriately, etc. Uncooked or poorly prepared chicken, poultry, and eggs can be associated with salmonella, which can occasionally be life threatening for some people. Obviously, refrigerating the food will decrease the growth of the bacteria, and would certainly be safer than not. The fact that it was so old means that there was more of an opportunity for the bacteria and their toxins to proliferate, but just because there was an opportunity does not mean that for sure these toxins or bacteria were present. Even if they were present, there is a chance that your immune system may protect you. Please speak with your doctor about this and any questions or symptoms.

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