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"I was bit by 4 bees and itching started. Now I have extremely sensitive skin, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI was bit by 4 bees and itching started. Now I have extremely sensitive skin, what should I do?


Its been going on for two months. My skin is extremely sensitive and i have a rash that appears when im physical. Swelling of hands also when working. Lips swell as of recently.


Thank you for your question. It seems that what you are asking is if the bee stings somehow sensitized your skin to other environmental problems, and if you are somehow having a reaction to the bees even this long after the sting. While I can tell you that bee sting local reactions are somewhat common, the severe variety of response is fortunately more rare. A delayed response on the order of months after the sting is not something that I am familiar with, although it may be that you did indeed have some sort of reaction that has been started by the sting. The best thing that I can recommend is that you speak with your doctor. It certainly seems that you are having symptoms that are affecting your life, and whether or not they were caused by the bee sting is not as important as helping you to feel better. In the mean time, please avoid further bee stings and discuss with your doctor whether or not you should be prepared for future stings with the appropriate medications that he or she can recommend. Again, please speak with your doctor about all of your questions.

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