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"Can I take a Voluim and a Vicodin on the same day?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I take a Voluim and a Vicodin on the same day?


i had back injections and surgey


Sorry to hear about your recent surgery and the pain that is implied from your question about the medications that you have discussed. The best thing to do is to discuss this with your healthcare provider. Vicodin is a very common pain medication that has some opioid analgesia included with some acetaminophen. It is quite effective for many people, and requires a prescription. Because it has tylenol in it as well, patients need to be careful to follow the manufacturer directions exactly. Valium is a common medication that is used, often after spine surgery, to help with muscle spasm that is felt to be one of the most common causes of the pain after surgery. The combination of Valium and Vicodin are used by some doctors after spine surgery and in other cases, but the key to answering your question is to determine what your doctor has recommended. If you have questions about a medication that he or she has prescribed, you should discuss this directly with the prescribing physician or his or her office. In some cases, the pharmacist where you pick up your medications can also be a helpful exercise. Most medications will interact with other medications, and that is why it is important to discuss your question with your healthcare provider. Please speak to your doctor.

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