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"I'm seeing colored spots and sunlight makes my ears ring, any ideas why?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm seeing colored spots and sunlight makes my ears ring, any ideas why?


any ideas


This is an interesting set of symptoms that does not have an obvious answer or explanation at first glance. Vision changes in sunlight can be somewhat common as the eyes adjust to the increased amount of light. Usually, these will rapidly resolve, and not become more prominent with time. If there are actual changes in your vision, it is important to speak with your doctor soon to make sure that you do not have changes in your vision that would be irreversible. Sometimes, vision changes require rapid intervention to help save your vision, so please speak with a doctor soon. It is also interesting that the sunlight makes your ears ring. Tinnitus, as it is called, can have a number of causes, but is often associated with a decrease in hearing. It does seem to originate from the brain in most cases, and can be brought about by damage to the hearing organ. Most often, exposure to sunlight does not affect the hearing in any notable way, and it would be abnormal for this to be associated with tinnitus. One possible unifying idea could be some sort of brain phenomenon such as a migraine, which can cause all of the symptoms you describe, and could be exacerbated with light exposure. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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