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"Can I take DIM and Garcenia Cambogia together?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I take DIM and Garcenia Cambogia together?


Can these supplements be taken together?


I recommend discussing this with your primary care doctor. The first caution whenever taking any herbal supplements is to remember that these supplements are not required by the Food and Drug Administration to prove in a scientific way the benefits they claim on their labels. DIM is an antioxidant supplement that is becoming very popular these days. Garcinia is a popular herbal weight loss preparation. However, there is no strong evidence for these claimed beneficial effects in humans. Furthermore, I am not aware of any studies that look specifically at interactions between DIM and Garcinia or address the question of whether they are safe to take together. Both supplements are known to have the frequent side effect of gastrointestinal upset, and therefore it is likely that these side effect is more pronounced when they are taken together. Furthermore, whether these supplements are safe for you to take depends on your medical history and on what other medications you might be taking. Many herbal supplements cannot be taken by individuals with certain medical problems, especially liver disease. Similarly, many can increase or decrease the potency of important prescription medications, like oral contraceptives or anticoagulants. Therefore, I would recommend discussing your plans with your primary care doctor, who will be able to advice you in greater detail.

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