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"What are small red itchy bumps on legs, arms and neck?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are small red itchy bumps on legs, arms and neck?


My daughter has small red itchy bumps on legs, arms and neck for about 5 weeks now. The itching gets better when treated with Clariton and Prednisone, but returns after discontinuing Prednisone use. Would like to get your thoughts about these symptoms


Sorry to hear about the continued symptoms. Skin lesions can be quite hard to diagnose, and there are times that the training of a dermatologist is needed to help reach the appropriate conclusion, so I would recommend speaking to one. The fact that the lesions improve with prednisone could be a good clue that there is something inflammatory about them. Many different things can cause itching and spread over the body. Allergic reactions to common household items, as well as less common but more severe reactions such as poison ivy or other plant allergies could contribute. Certainly bites from common insects can play a role, such as those inflicted by scabies, bed bugs, among others. There are even infectious causes of this sort of thing, as some people will have viral skin lesions following many common viral illnesses. Bacteria can likewise cause some irritation. Given the wide range of possibilities and the long duration of her symptoms despite treatment with multiple medications, it is time to speak with your doctor. If you have already seen your primary care doctor, a dermatology referral may be a logical next step to help you get the more specialized care that your daughter may need. Please speak with your doctor.

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