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"What could these hard things in my anus be?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could these hard things in my anus be?


I am so embarrassed to even ask this but I have always struggled from constipation. Today I was straining to go to the bathroom and used vaseline and put finger up butt to stimulate it and make sure stool wasn't stuck. There wasn't any stool there but I felt these hard things. I scraped some of them out and they looked like scabs. There was a lot in there. I have had 2 hemorroidectomys and haven't had hemorroid problems since. I take laxatives about once a week or else I can't go so my stools are usually very runny. No blood so I don't think it fissures. Any ideas what this may be???


You should not be embarrassed to ask these sort of questions. Constipation is a very common medical condition that is often frustrating for the patient. From the information that you are telling me, it sounds like you are still struggling with constipation, feeling to urge to go but without stool output. When you do have bowel movements, the stool could have harden from constipation and could have caused small tears in the rectum/anus and could have caused small bleeds. The "scab" could be just old blood that hasn't passed yet. It could also be small pieces of stool that are stuck. It is difficult to determine at this point without a medical evaluation. You should make an appointment to see your primary care doctor to be evaluated. It also doesn't sound like you have your constipation under control either. In the meantime, you should drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Eat high fiber diets. You can also purchase stool softeners to make your stool soft. This regimen could help you have more regular bowel movements so that you can feel more comfortable and perhaps you will not rely on laxatives in the future. If you have severe abdominal pains or find blood in your stool, you should go to your local emergency room.

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