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"Could the moles on my head be cancerous?"

ZocdocAnswersCould the moles on my head be cancerous?


Hello, I have quite a few moles on my head. Half of them are flat with the largest flat one around a 1/4in but its all one color and symmetrical, and a few are raised and also symmetrical and all one color. I just think it is odd that I have so many, but this first time I completely shaved my head and noticed. My brother was also in town this weekend and he showed me his head and he also had a lot of moles. I am bald but put sun screen on some times, and don't really get burnt alot. I live up north so im not in a hot climate with harsh sun year round. Just curious if I should Hey it looked at or if I am just wover exaggerating.


Moles can be normal; however, it can be mistaken for something more serious such as cancer. It sounds like you have read about how to look for concerning signs for skin cancer. The signs you mentioned such as a uniform color and symmetry are reassuring signs that it is possibly a mole. Although these are reassuring signs, you should see a dermatologist who can look at all your moles on your head. I imagine that it would be difficult to look at your moles if they are located on your scalp. A dermatologist can use a magnifying glass to look at all the moles and document them to see if there are any changes over time. If they do see something concerning, they can take a biopsy of it and run tests on it to rule out cancer such as melanoma. In the meantime, you should continue what you are doing which is monitoring your skin for any changes in your moles. Look for changes in symmetry, border, color, and depth. Also wear hats, and use sunscreen whenever you are exposed to sun for long periods of time, especially if you have fair skin. Also remember to put sunscreen behind your ears as this spot can often be forgotten. Please speak with your dermatologist.

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