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"What is churning and its role?"


in stomach..


The stomach has many roles involved in the digestion of food which help to get your body the nutrients that it needs. I recommend that you discuss this further with your doctor as needed. Some of these roles are mechanical.

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As with your mouth, which begins the digestive process by breaking the food into smaller particles, the stomach has a role in exposing the food bolus to the enzymes and digestive juices that are necessary to break the food down and harvest the nutrients. In the stomach are acids and some other enzymes that help to break down certain minerals. It prepares the large bites of food that we eat by making them more accessible to the further processes of digestion that occur in the bowel. Sometimes, the mechanical effects of the stomach can produce pain or seem uncomfortable for people, although this is not normal. There are certain conditions that can make this more likely, and so if you are having symptoms associated with the digestion of your food, it is important to speak with your doctor to make sure that there is not a reason for these symptoms. There may be medications or other treatments that could improve your symptoms. Please speak with your doctor about this question as needed.

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