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"Why do I have chest pain despite endless tests?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have chest pain despite endless tests?


also i have svt. Ive Had Ekgs Bloodwork Cardiac Mri Exhos Stress Tests Everything And They Cant Find Anything. I Swear It My Heart Im Positive Cuz I Hit 300 Bpm twice


So sorry to hear about this problem. There are, unfortunately, limitations to modern medicine in which doctors are sometimes unable to diagnose a problem and treat it in the manner that makes patients satisfied and well. While this is occasionally the case, the good news is that these sort of things are rare, and, with time, usually patients are able to obtain an answer. While tests are very effective at diagnosing many common problems, doctors are forced to try and piece together information from imperfect answers almost always. As each patient is different, so is each diagnosis and disease, and so the same condition can present quite differently in different people. While it may be difficult, patience and perseverance are generally the keys. Your doctor, or doctors as seems more likely, should be able to help you manage your symptoms in a way that makes life more tolerable, even if they are unable to give you all of the answers that you want. There are many options for medications that can help to calm down a fast heart rate. Ultimately, there are occasions where a second opinion can be valuable, and a tertiary care hospital may be needed. Please speak with your doctor.

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