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"Is this a yeast infection or herpes?"


2 weeks ago, I had soo much discharge. it was so much that sometime i felt like i was on my period. I always had a lot of discharge but it was more than usual that time. so anyways, last week, I figured something was wrong when I had an orgasm and I had no discharge what so ever. but the next day, after that night, it was kind of back to normal. I had a limited amount of discharge but not a lot. I discovered I had some peeling on my vagina, like it was moist for a long time. but I had just rubbed it off & that was that. I had a sort of itching in the actual hole & around it. I thought it was herpes but I had no signs of bumps or blisters. this week, my vagina (the hole) is very red & when I pee it burns a little. and when I wipe it hurts. I also have a cottagy type of discharge. it's no longer clear, but kind of white and thick. i also have no bumps or blisters anywhere. help me please !


It is very important that you discuss your concerns with a gynecologist. Itching is a symptom that does occur in both yeast infection and genital herpes. Your description of the discharge seems to be that of a yeast infection.

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The infection produces a thick, chunky white vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese. The symptoms of a yeast infection are intense itching, swelling and pain around and outside of the vagina or both. If the symptoms do occur, genital herpes (HSV-2) may be accompanied by a watery vaginal discharge, sometimes sores not visible, so a change in discharge may be the only clue. A person infected with genital herpes may develop an itching, tingling, or redness, burning sensation in the affected area, pain when urinating, fever, muscle aches, and the presence of oozing blisters. However, many people infecting with herpes have no or only minimal symptoms that they do not even notice or they mistaken them for another malady like a vaginal yeast infection, jock itch, or hemorrhoids. On the other hand, herpes-infected people also get yeast infections, bacterial infections, or genital warts, etc. and they also do itch. It is really difficult to establish a cause without a pelvic exam and diagnostic tests in a doctor's office. I recommend that you consult a gynecologist soon who can help you figure out whether you are dealing with a yeast infection or genital herpes or both or another medical condition. Your doctor may also order tests to rule out other sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia or gonorrhea infection.

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