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"Why won't my wound heal? I had surgery in 2008."

ZocdocAnswersWhy won't my wound heal? I had surgery in 2008.


I had what they call Baslar surgery on my right thumb joint which is between the wrist and rt thumb since june 2008,sometimes it appears to be healing then the scab falls off and it pains like hell


I'm assuming that you mean that you had thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) arthroplasty by your description. I recommend you follow up with your orthopaedic hand surgeon. Assuming that your question is a recent one, it is very concerning that your wound has not healed, especially since your surgery was in 2008. Poor wound healing can be due to multiple systemic issues such as chronic steroid use or diabetes or some sort of compromised immune system. Until otherwise proven, however, poor wound healing or delayed wound healing is suspicious for infection. If you are having persistent pain and some drainage from that wound, I am suspicious for an underlying, smoldering infection at your surgery site. This can come along with occasional fevers and chills or a general feeling of not feeling well, or it can present just like you described it. CMC arthroplasty traditionally does not entail implanting any hardware into the area (in fact, it usually entails taking one of your wrist tendons, rolling it up, and stuffing it into that space), but different alternatives to this surgery do include implanting metal or some sort of prothesis. Implanting any type of foreign body (except for your own tissue) increases the likelihood of infection. Alternatively, if it is not infection and if you do have metal implanted, this may represent an allergic reaction to the implant. In any case, I recommend you follow up with your orthopaedic hand surgeon for re-evaluation and lab work.

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