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"Why did I have my period early?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy did I have my period early?


had my period August 19 for 5 days then it stop.Then me and my husband had sex September 4th on Wednesday with a condom and Friday I was kind of discharging Brown and Saturday on the 7th bleeding like a period but to start for another week and 5 days.don't feel sick or anything but I've been working out and eating right and changing my lifestyle.So I dont know what going on thank you


It's not exactly clear why you have had some vaginal bleeding, and you will need to discuss this with your doctor. There are several different possibilities. One of the possibilities could be that you have sustained some trauma in your vagina or your cervix that has caused some small mucosal bleeding. This sort of thing can be common in some situations, but is less likely if you have been sexually active and did not have any pain or obvious trauma during intercourse. Another possibility could be infection, as some types of infections can present with discharge. In some instances, that may be the only sign of the infection. Another possible reason for this early bleeding could be a spontaneous abortion. A relatively high percentage of conceptions result in spontaneous abortions that occur before a woman even knows that she is pregnant. Of course, there are other possible explanations as well that should be considered. Tumors of the vagina, cervix, and uterus can all result in bleeding. Some of this bleeding can be from benign tumors that can be common, but there is always the risk that these could be signs of cancer as well. Please discuss this with your doctor.

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